Saturday, February 20, 2010


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I have been trying to surround myself with inspiration lately as so many projects are going on and endless ideas need to be made. Last weekend I headed to the Cambridge Antique market for some cheering up and hope that I would find something really awesome. I DID! Among a few other little cool trinkets, the best find was a vintage rubber stamping set. All organized in a beautiful wooden box is the entire alphabet, numbers, other glyphs and flowery end notes. I couldn't believe I found this, all in working order too! I have yet to figure out what the font is, but am so excited to use it in upcoming stationery! How beautiful is that stamp FOR? This has definitely sparked some inspiration!

Hope your weekend brings some ideas too!

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Lor said...

what an excellent find! an it has all the letters and numbers too...i cant wait to see what you use it for! love the sunny yellow cards above also, very cheery! x